Foto: Meryem Erkus 


"Radio-Choreography: Episode 3. Haunting the Archive"


Choreographer & dancer: Netta Weiser


A radio-performance broadcasted live from the Deutsches Tanzarchiv Köln, Public Listening Event at Gold + Beton with 9 performers (Miriam Arnold, Sophia Schach, Paula Pabel, Malin Harff, Andrea Kössler, Helene Heuser, Lidia Jarecka, Sebastian, Britta Tekotte):



Radio-Choreograpy is a radiophonic archive of dance practices created by female choreographers during times of migration and border crossing. The project includes a series of four episodes broadcasted live from dance archives in Berlin, Cologne, Tel Aviv and Vienna.


Through a practice of live broadcasting, we transmit a multiplicity of times and places into the here and now of the radio. It is an intimate but untouchable dance, reaching deep inside from way out there. We meet through the fractures of radio. A transnational and cross-generational sisterhood is fueled by a desire to connect. We move on air, ampilfy nomadic narratives, inhabit new spaces for dance and render genealogies based on practices of listening. 


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